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Body Shape Analysis
Learn to Dress Your Body Type

Why is body shape important?
This is not about size, it's about shape.
By understanding your proportions and how you feel about them I can help you choose clothes that flatter your body shape. This in turn will make you feel happier with your shape and more confident in the clothes you wear.

Price £90 for one hour experience

Body Shape Analysis

Style Personality Assessment

 Together we build a picture of your loves, likes and dislikes, and how you want to express your personality through dressing .

This is best done at the same time as your seasonal colour analysis and body shape analysis, or in addition to these experiences, so we can create YOUR style.
I’ll give you direction and expert advice to enable you to dress in ways that bring joy and confidence.

Price £120 for 90-minute experience

Style Personality Assessment

ONLINE Seasonal Colour Analysis

My Debi Piper Style online colour flows enable me to assess your skin-tone online and give you your Seasonal Color Analysis via Zoom or Teams.

I'll conduct the experience as if you were with me, using the same techniques as the London College of Style colour draping experience we will discover your seasonal colour palette; the beauty of this online experience is that you can be anywhere in the world!

Price £80 for 1-hour experience

Taking Notes
Online Seasonal Colour Analysis

In-Person Seasonal Colour Analysis

Using the London College of Style colour draping system we will discover your seasonal colour palette. Wearing the colours that bring your skin tone alive will make you look healthier, brighter and more vibrant. This experience will give you a whole new outlook on how to use colour in your daily life.

This knowledge is for life and you can apply my advice to all aspects of your wardrobe, whether it's for work, play or a special occasion.

Introduction to colour £80 for 1-hour experience

Colour Consultation Plus £180 for 2-hour experience (inc fan)

Seasonal Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Edit

If you have wardrobe overwhelm, or a closet stuffed the brim, but nothing to wear, this is for you!
Together we will tackle each item and with a fit assessment based on your body shape, colours and style personality, we will cleanse this space.
The magical part is where I create new outfits, that you would never have put together by 'shopping your wardrobe'. 
We'll identify the ‘missing’ items of clothing to create a 'wish list' and 
I'll follow up with a 'Lookbook' of your new outfits and style tips.

Wardrobe Edit from £240

Image by Adrienne Leonard
Wardrobe Edit Experience
Out Shopping

Personal Shopping

From finding that special occasion outfit, to a 4-hour shopping experience, let me take the stress out of clothes shopping.

I will create a Wish List of clothes, accessories and footwear, and we will discuss and agree on what you want to purchase.

Armed with this information you can either buy online, or we hit the shops. I'll prepare ahead for you, so that everything you need to try on is already waiting for you, (wherever possible) so you don't have do anything other than try the outfts on and make your choices. It's shopping, but not as you know it.

Breaks and refreshments will be provided.

Personal Shopping from £160

Personal Shopping



Body Shape Analysis - How to dress your body shape & Introduction to Colour Analysis 
£190 - 2-hours

A popular combination of learning to dress your body shape and finding your 'wow' colours. Includes your seasonal colour palette fan.


Body Shape Analysis - How to dress your body shape & Wardrobe Edit Taster
£180 - 2-hours

Another popular combination. By assessing your body shape I can give you specific pointers on what clothes in your wardrobe are going to work for you. I'll inspire you to try new outfit combinations with a taster of what I do on a full wardrobe edit.


Body Shape Analysis & Style Personality Assessment

£225 – 2.5-hours

If you're in need of a wardrobe shakeup, this is a good place to start. I'll give you some fab style tips on how to dress your body shape. We'll do a 'style challenge', and a questionnaire before we meet and a quiz on the day to analyse what style personality you could be! I'll be at your side to teach you how you start expressing yourself with clothes. 

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