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Introduction to Colour Analysis

£80 (Fan not included)


How this experience works

Introduction to Seasonal Colour Analysis

Find Your Wow Colours

£80 per person

Draping of Colours to Find Your Seasonal Colour Palette

There are so many colours in this season’s clothing, wouldn’t you love to know which ones truly light up your face and which ones don’t? You will save money and time by pinpointing ‘YOUR WOW COLOURS,’ so when you go clothes shopping or browse your current wardrobe, you’ll know which colours are going to make you shine!

Your best colours give you a healthy glow, light up your eyes and even out your skin tone. It needs to be seen to be believed.

I’ll give you advice on how to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe and you’ll take away your Seasonal Colour Swatch Card (Digital).

If you wish to buy a Seasonal Colour Palette Fan, this will cost an additional £30 or a smaller fabric fan will cost £20. Both fit into your handbag for shopping trips.

AT YOUR HOME. *Within 30 minutes of Sale Moor. For longer journeys there will be an additional cost.

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