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Colour Consultation Plus

£180 (Fan included)


How this experience works

Colour Consultation Plus

Four-Season Colour Analysis

Individual 2-hour session for £180

An In-depth Colour Experience:

Draping of Colours to Find Your Seasonal Colour Palette

Clothes, Make-up and Hair Colour Advice

This experience will give you a whole new outlook on how to use colour in your daily life. You will feel confident in your colour choices for clothes, make-up and hair. Your best colours give you a healthy glow, light up your eyes and even out your skin tone. It needs to be seen to be believed!

You can also show me 5 garments that you love but don't wear and we will see if colour is the reason you don't wear them and if there's anything we can do to make them wearable for you.

Please also feel free to have your make-up bag to hand so we can make sure you are wearing the right make-up colours going forward. You’ll save time and money on clothes and make-up as you will know which colours suit your skin tone.

I will share with you how your personality affects what colours you wear and how colour can affect mood.

You will receive a colour wheel and I’ll show you how to ‘clash’ or harmonise colours.

I will give you a Seasonal Swatch Card (digital) and a Seasonal Colour Palette Fan and explain to you how to use them. (Included in the price).

After your session I will email you a bespoke digital colour analysis guide, outlining what we discussed.

*BOOK NOW. This knowledge is for life!

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