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Step into confidence with me as your personal stylist

Everyone needs inspiration sometimes. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a major life change, a tough experience, or just the urge to revamp your wardrobe, finding the right start can be tough.

I’m here to share my passion and expertise to empower you. With a few simple style tips, and gentle but firm encouragement, you can look amazing and feel fantastic.

Let’s embark on this style journey together. It’s going to be brilliant—I can feel it!

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About me

I'm a fun, friendly and confident 57-year-old with over 30 years of design experience and a passion for fashion. With a distinction in personal styling and colour for creatives at The London College of Style, I'm on a mission to help women feel like their best selves. After overcoming breast cancer, I know the power of a great outfit to boost confidence and self-expression. So, let's embrace individuality and have some fun with fashion!

Personal stylist Manchester | Personal stylist Cheshire

Colour expert | Seasonal colour analysis

Learn to dress your body shape | What's your style personality? 

Clear your wardrobe | Shop your wardrobe | Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobe edit | Personal shopping | Occasion shopping 

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Contact Me

Contact me to arrange a free 20-minute discovery call where we can talk about starting your fun, style adventure. I'm looking forward to meeting you. 

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