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Style Personality Assessment


90 minutes

How this experience works


The best way to start is with a free 20-minute chat over Zoom, this way I get to introduce myself properly and you can tell me about you and where you are at with your current wardrobe. There's no pressure from me, and you can either book in straight away, or go away and think about it.

If you decide to book I'll set you some no stress homework to get you started on your style journey!

First up: I'll ask you to take part in the 7-Day Style Challenge! It’s a fun way to introduce me to your current style personality. Via Messenger, WhatApp or email, send me a series of full-length selfies in good light, giving me a list where your clothes are from and what you are doing wearing them. Seven is the minimum, but if you’d like to send more, please do. Take a look at my Instagram feed if you’d like to see how I do it! @debi_piper_style #outfitoftheday or #ootd

Your selfies will give me a really good idea of where you are in your current wardrobe. I will be able to see your go-to brands, how much you like to spend on them and most importantly how you like to wear them.

Next, I will send you a Style Personality Questionnaire which I’d like you to fill out and return to me at least a week before we meet. These are personal and lifestyle questions that help me to get to know you and what your wardrobe needs could be. You only need to answer questions you are comfortable with and if any are unclear or need more explanation, please leave them blank. This is a no pressure experience!

On the day: It's time to have some fun and take a Style Personality Quiz.

The quiz is a fun multiple choice questionnaire and at the end we find out which style personality is your most dominant.

The categories are:

The Classic
 | The Trend/Creative
 | The Dramatic
 | The Natural
 | The Romantic | 
The Urban/Casual.

Remember, we all can have a mixture, it’s not about shoe horning anyone into one category.

If you’ve never thought very deeply about your style choices, influences, the colours and fabrics you wear, plus your lifestyle, this is one of the great tools in the personal stylist toolbox. Together we build a picture of your loves, likes and dislikes and which direction you’d like to go in relation to your wardrobe.

It’s not a race, it’s not pushy, it’s all about you. I want to give you inspiration and help you to dress in ways that bring you excitement and confidence. We'll look at style moodboards, celebrities, different brands and really start to understand where you'd like to be.

So whether it's expressing yourself at work, at home, dressing down at the weekend, dressing up in occasionwear or even just going to the gym, I can give you the tools to find your authentic style.

*Within 30 minutes of Sale Moor. For longer journeys there will be an additional cost.

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