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ONLINE Seasonal Colour Analysis



How this experience works

The Debi Piper Style ONLINE Colour Experience Plus is a fun, informative, 60-minute video call, zia Zoom or Teams, where we discover your colour season, not just with the online drapes! You'll take a short personality quiz which will give you a set of scores at the end. I'll take this information and translate the results for you. Your personality will have a bearing on the colours that you gravitate towards, and I'll give you insight into how this affects the colours you wear. It's the holistic approach developed by Head of Colour at the London College of Style, Jules Standish – Colour Expert which enables me to tailor my advice to you.

Wearing the colours that bring your skin tone alive will make you look healthier, brighter and more vibrant. This experience will give you a whole new outlook on how to use colour in your daily life. You will feel confident in your colour choices for clothes, make-up and hair.

Before our Colour Analysis session, I will need you to take a couple of photographs of yourself and send them to me at least 7 days prior to your appointment time. When you book, I will send you details on how to take your photographs.

You do not need to be make-up free for our appointment, so come as you feel comfortable, with the drink and nibbles of your choice!

You can also bring up to 5 garments that you love but don't wear and we will see if colour is the reason you don't wear them and if there's anything we can do to make them wearable for you.

Please also feel free to have your make-up bag to hand so we can make sure you are wearing the right make-up colours going forward. I am really looking forward to seeing you and finding out your best colours!

If you'd like a London College of Style seasonal colour fan I can send you one for £33*. Or you have the option to a handy-sized fabric fan for £20*. Both are invaluable on clothes shopping trips.

*Postage included in price for UK only.

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