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Behind the Scenes: Styling the Liverpool FC Kit Launch 2024

Updated: 7 days ago

Working as an assistant stylist for the Liverpool Football Club Kit Launch 2024 was an exhilarating experience that I am thrilled to share. Collaborating closely with our talented Lead Stylist, Natalie Armin, who put the looks together; our team of four, meticulously prepped and organised the clothing the day before the big event. Every piece was steamed, checked, and steamed again to ensure perfection.

The theme for the kit launch was "Italian Cool," a nostalgic nod to LFC's triumphant night in Rome 1984 when they clinched the European Cup. The new kit design beautifully echoes the style worn during that unforgettable victory, blending history with modern fashion.

On the day of the shoot, my primary responsibility was managing the wardrobe. This involved dressing both the men's and women's teams in their allocated outfits, ensuring each player had options for size, look, and accessories. It was incredibly fun to see the players embrace both the elevated Italian aesthetic and the alternative street style vibes we aimed to capture.

The shoot itself was a dynamic mix of still photography and video, with a behind-the-scenes team capturing the lively interactions and fun moments throughout the day. (Keep your eyes peeled for me in the video!) The energy was contagious, and the players' enthusiasm brought an extra spark to the project.

In the end, the final images turned out fabulous, reflecting the hard work and creativity that went into every detail. Working on this project was a wonderful experience, and I am proud to have contributed to such a successful and stylish kit launch for Liverpool FC.


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