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Styling, Wardrobe & Props

For the last 10 years I have been involved in wardrobe organisation, shoot preparation and production.
Five years ago I moved into commercial styling and now work on-location and in-studio settings.
With over 30 years in the creative industry, I have the expertise and experience that gives me a devilish eye for detail, and an in-depth knowledge of the possibilities, post-production, to make your images work hard and look amazing. I will organise outfitting, provide suitable props, be super-efficient on shoot and ensure that your product is shown in it's best light on models or in still-life set-ups

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From scarily long product spreadsheets and boxes of mis-matched clothes, I'm here to  organise, choose outfits, find suitable props and create a comprehensive shoot plan if that's what you need. I'll liaise with the client, photographer and models too.

Clothes Hangers

From a windy, rain-drenched afternoon in the Peak District to twelve days on the exotic islands of Cape Verde, I'll provide you with an organised and efficient wardrobe and styling service. Early mornings to get that sunrise shot and late nights preparing clothes and and props for the next day, that's me right there.


Flat, folded, hung, stacked padded – on model, off model, stills or video, I'll work with art director, client and photographer to create the set-up to capture your product in the best way possible.

Photo Studio
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